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BBW Heaven - Chapter 3
Beatrix looked in the mirror and at her new, voluptuous form. Her breast had barely grown at all for her past, weeks-long binge. Though, it was obvious that her breasts were not the focal point of her body.
Her thick arms and pouching belly were practically super-model thin compared to her large hips, thighs, and love handles. Each cheek couldn't be contained by a single hand, her legs thicker than her waist was just a month ago.
In just a few weeks of stuffing - along with her good-old cooking friend, MSG - Beatrix had succeeded in becoming chubby enough to catch Leon’s attention and make their relationship even closer than before.
She got everything she wanted from this experiment. No need to continue over feeding herself any longer.
So, why was she really craving some chocolate fudge right now? She just ate lunch. There was no need eat anymore before dinner.
Beatrix shrugged her shoulders. It’s not like she needed to watch her weight, especially since Leon so obviously l
:iconfattiemaddie:FattieMaddie 4 2
BBW Heaven - Chapter 2
Charlotte grunted as she tried to zip up her maid dress, the zipper having not moved from it's current position in almost five minutes.
Charlotte sighed with defeat picking up her phone.
“Can you come up to my room really quick? I think the zipper on my dress is stuck.” the redhead quickly texted her sister.
“Why don't you just come down here and I'll help zip you up, since I am still cooking the last of the bacon.” Beatrix responded.
“You know I like my bacon crispy, so I'll just eat anything that ends up cooking too long. Come on, please?” Charlotte pleaded.
“Fine, just a moment.”
As Beatrix slowly dragged the zipper up, the platinum couldn't help but notice her sister's recent spike in weight gain.
Her thighs growing thicker by the day and a slight double chin forming, her main place of growth was her stomach, which now stuck out past her breasts and was the culprit for her “malfunctioning zipper.” Even her back seemed to
:iconfattiemaddie:FattieMaddie 2 0
BBW Heaven - Chapter 1
//While this is fanfiction for "Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven" video game, it takes place in a Real-World/WG AU, so knowing the game is not exactly necessary. Leon is also my own version of the main character that was changed to fit more to the WG aspect of the AU. With that, I hope y'all enjoy.//
In a quaint little town filled with lush greens and plentiful farms, there stood a little inn, Eduard Inn, which rarely had any guests to fill its empty rooms. However, two young sister's have recently moved to town, not a penny in their pockets or a place to stay. The owner of the Eduard Inn, a young lad by the name of Leon, offers them a place to stay in exchange for labor. It is in this inn that our rather bizarre tale of love and feast begins...
“Breakfast is ready!” the dashing young woman with her platinum hair pulled into a bun and tied off with a bow called out into the foyer of Eduard Inn as she set down the last plate, a door opening behind her to reveal a man no older th
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Caloriecapter Sakura - Requested by BBWonder by FattieMaddie Caloriecapter Sakura - Requested by BBWonder :iconfattiemaddie:FattieMaddie 2 4 Mayumi by FattieMaddie Mayumi :iconfattiemaddie:FattieMaddie 1 5 Miyuki by FattieMaddie Miyuki :iconfattiemaddie:FattieMaddie 0 0 Sarah WG - 4/4 by FattieMaddie Sarah WG - 4/4 :iconfattiemaddie:FattieMaddie 2 3 Sarah WG - 3/4 by FattieMaddie Sarah WG - 3/4 :iconfattiemaddie:FattieMaddie 0 4 Sarah WG - 2/4 by FattieMaddie Sarah WG - 2/4 :iconfattiemaddie:FattieMaddie 2 0 Sarah WG - 1/4 by FattieMaddie Sarah WG - 1/4 :iconfattiemaddie:FattieMaddie 0 0 There's No Such Thing As Too Much Cake! [Reposted] by FattieMaddie There's No Such Thing As Too Much Cake! [Reposted] :iconfattiemaddie:FattieMaddie 5 0
The Beauty Of Doughnuts: Part Three
Dreamy. Sensational. Erotic.
Those are just a couple of words that Savannah could use to describe the feeling she got as she stepped through the front door of the doughnut shop with Anna at her side, making her completely forget about the whole reason she was there. It was almost as if there was some type of magic in the air that was stopping her from thinking about anything in the world except the mountain of food she was soon to consume.
"I've been waiting for you, Anna," Daniel said kindly, his voice tender and seductive. "I see you managed to bring along Savannah as well. That's wonderful!"
How did he know my name? Savannah thought for a mere second before perishing the thought, the sweet smell of the doughnuts he set down before them completely taking over all of her senses.
The two girls quickly rushed forward and ravished the large pile of doughnuts set before them, not caring about their expanding bodies.
Anna's clothes were toast as top ripped open, revealing her
:iconfattiemaddie:FattieMaddie 2 0
Self Portrait by FattieMaddie Self Portrait :iconfattiemaddie:FattieMaddie 3 3
The Beauty Of Doughnuts: Part Two
“Oh my god, Anna, you’re so fat!” Savannah joked, playfully poking Anna’s slightly pudgy belly as they sat in their favorite cafe for breakfast, waiting for their waiter to come and take their orders. “What happened to those hipbones you were so proud of?”
“Shut up,” Anna retorted, smacking away Savannah’s hand as she regarded her best friend’s skinny, perfect figure. “I’m not fat, I’m just . . . a little bloated from the doughnuts I had with Daniel yesterday.”
“Doughnuts?” Savannah echoed with surprise. “I thought you were just going to have one doughnut yesterday. How many did you have?”
“Oh, not that much . . .” Anna said with a wave of her hand, suddenly feeling embarrassed by her choice of clothing - a cut-off, spaghetti strap top and now-too-small denim booty shorts that Anna had to wrestle into earlier that morning. “Just five, chocolate-coa
:iconfattiemaddie:FattieMaddie 3 0
The Beauty Of Doughnuts: Part One
"Perfect," Anna said with a smirk, admiring her skinny stature and cute, skimpy outfit in the mirror, her hip bones sticking out against her far-too-skinny stomach. "There's no way Daniel can resist me now!"
Daniel used to attend the same college as Anna and was very popular, known as one of the most handsome boys on campus. But now, a year after he graduated, Anna learned from her best friend, Savanna, who always had the scoop on anything related to celebrities and cute boys, that Daniel had opened up a doughnut shop down the street from her apartment.
So - of course - Anna had to check it out, even if she was a strictly no-sugar-or-fats kind of person. A single, innocent doughnut never hurt anybody, right?
"Welcome," Daniel called out cheerfully as Anna entered the small doughnut shop, an amazing, sweet scent slamming into her and making her stomach growl with anticipation. "What can I get you today?"
Daniel smiled gently at Anna from the other side of the counter, his aqua ey
:iconfattiemaddie:FattieMaddie 2 0


whoa what a concept by MissEmmyJay whoa what a concept :iconmissemmyjay:MissEmmyJay 328 0 Animation 2 by ishibu
Mature content
Animation 2 :iconishibu:ishibu 324 23
High School WG Chronicles: The Cheer Coach Part 1
The cheer squad at Jacobs Hill High School was at its peak. Their varsity team was damn near the best in the state of Illinois. Headed by Coach Madison, a history teacher in her mid thirties, and captain Sarah Simms, the team flourished and wowed crowds at rallies and games in addition to winning seasonal competitive cheer events.
Practice for the squad was always mandatory to maintain their excellence, and friday the eighth of october was certainly no different. The girls were lined up in rows in the gymnasium, repeating their cheers as they did crunches in synchronization.
Coach Madison paced up and down the line, keeping an eye on her well-disciplined squad while scrolling through her email, responding to concerned parents with a pre-written stock message. She did notice, however, an email from the athletics director, Mr. Gertz.
“Sarah, watch the squad, I need to go to the office.” She ordered her best girl.
The tan, tightly jawed young woman sprung up from the front of
:iconqedrian41:Qedrian41 35 4
High School WG Chronicles: The Cheer Coach Part 2
On Monday morning, Koleen ignored her alarm clock once, hitting the previously unused snooze button and remaining in bed for ten minutes longer, finally rising from rest at five ten. Typically, on every school day besides Friday, but today, staring at the nicer clothes in her closet, she felt as though she couldn’t be bothered to go through the effort to assemble that proper of an outfit. It was a monday after all.
She took out a pair of dark blue jeans and tugged them up her thicker legs, then to her wider waist. She managed to button them, neglecting the struggle completely. Following that, the heavier coach wrapped a woven brown belt around her waist to fasten herself in, creating about an inch of muffin top around the lips of her struggling jeans. Next, she pulled on a red t-shirt bearing the school logo of a Native American with a fully drawn bow, giving the students and staff the moniker “Archers”. Said logo was distorted slightly by the increased size of her bo
:iconqedrian41:Qedrian41 25 2
PAX Paint Tutorial by Anatidaephobe PAX Paint Tutorial :iconanatidaephobe:Anatidaephobe 52 6 YAMI WO KIRISAKU  by salting-the-earth YAMI WO KIRISAKU :iconsalting-the-earth:salting-the-earth 141 10 OMEGA FLOWEY - Your Best Nightmare by WalkingMelonsAAA OMEGA FLOWEY - Your Best Nightmare :iconwalkingmelonsaaa:WalkingMelonsAAA 6,181 340 Sleep? There's a Nap for that by WalkingMelonsAAA Sleep? There's a Nap for that :iconwalkingmelonsaaa:WalkingMelonsAAA 5,524 272 The possibilities - Eeveelution rainbow by WalkingMelonsAAA The possibilities - Eeveelution rainbow :iconwalkingmelonsaaa:WalkingMelonsAAA 10,196 532 Pokemon Mew by AlviaAlcedo Pokemon Mew :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 5,731 390 Analysis of an Exercising Ember by Trinity-Fate
Mature content
Analysis of an Exercising Ember :icontrinity-fate:Trinity-Fate 1,818 41
Bountiful Fields - Chapter One (Hinata Hyuuga WG)
Note: This is a multi-chapter story with a heavy focus on weight gain for our shy ninja. Proceed no further if such content offends you. Otherwise, please read and enjoy. :)
“Ahh, almost there.”
Hinata felt relief as she was finally able to say those words. It had been a lengthy and boring couple of days, but she was able to make it to her destination in one piece. Though it was tedious, she at least preferred that over being attacked by a wild animal, bandit, or enemy ninja. Her journey had consisted of nothing but endless trees for miles, but now she had finally reached the edge of the forest and into the open fields. Ahead of her was the destination: Bountiful Fields Village.
It was a brand new village that was created only recently by a wealthy woman known as Mira Fields. Hinata had never heard of her before, but apparently she was a rather famous chef in foreign countries, known for creating the finest delicacies in the world. The village itself was very small,
:iconplump-hinata:Plump-Hinata 89 5
BASE 320 - ayy check out my body by Rainfall-Bases BASE 320 - ayy check out my body :iconrainfall-bases:Rainfall-Bases 175 5 BASE 206 - Tied up by Rainfall-Bases BASE 206 - Tied up :iconrainfall-bases:Rainfall-Bases 1,794 93 Female Base 1 by Chloedemonsoldier Female Base 1 :iconchloedemonsoldier:Chloedemonsoldier 746 116 Base 76 by BlindAngel17 Base 76 :iconblindangel17:BlindAngel17 2,330 200



I am still getting used to having two DeviantART accounts. For the longest while I was just like "Well, I only have ONE watcher, so I guess it's not that big of a deal..." but now I have six watchers, so I got to have you guys watching me for SOME reason. :P

Anyway, I will be trying to update with more drawings (I am also trying to get used to drawing chubby girls, since I have just been drawing skinny people my whole life) and will hopefully have some uploaded on here by Monday.

Thank you guys for watching me despite me being a newbie! :hug:

If you guys have any questions or requests for me, ask away! :D


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